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Insurance Articles

The Mistakes Should Avoid at All Costs in Business Insurance

Myth #1 - My business does not need it

Many restaurant owners believe they could get by without restaurant insurance. These individuals often think that as long as they are careful in handling equipment, nothing will ever go wrong. If you believe in the same thing, you are taking in too much risk.

While you can be very cautious on cooking equipment and other kitchen systems, you cannot guarantee others will follow your lead. One careless mistake and you can have a fire-damaged dining place. If someone forgets to close the place properly, thieves would end up stealing your cash and other valuables. [...]

Reasons Make Business Insurance Becomes Important

Business Liability For Life

Well in business it is not different. Many thousands of businesses are opened all around the United States, and many flying under the radar without any form of proper insurance. They do not have a third party liability insurance for their business practices. They do not own a liability insurance for their staff and workers. It is all good, until something hits the fan and then all hell breaks loose. [...]

Property Owner's Guide Insurance

This article looks at the world of Property Owners Liability Insurance from the point of either Landlord Building Insurance or Landlords Contents Insurance. This type of insurance is pretty self explanatory as it provides Liability Insurance to the property owner, so if for example someone is to get hurt in the property or the surrounding land up to the boundaries then the landlord themselves will be covered if they are held liable for the third parties injuries.

If you insure the buildings cover then you would be covered for things such as if the postman was walking up the drive and tripped and injured himself [...]

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